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One of the favorite parts of the whole photography experience for many of our clients is the premier session. We will get together and I'll show you a fun slideshow of your photos. I will come to your home bearing dessert of some sort (because, let's face it, everything is better with dessert). I want to meet you where you are most comfortable and I can show you your photos on your very own television so you can see them larger than life and really determine which of your photos you like the best. Or, if you're more comfortable meeting at a local Starbucks we can do that, too! We will go through all of your photos together and I can help you determine what will look great on your walls! I'll bring product samples so you can see and touch everything. I even have a preview app on the iPad so you can see exactly what your selection will look like hanging on your very own walls!

Once you've made your selection, I will look over any photos you select to print to ensure you receive the very best products, as well as provide any advice on options and custom design ideas. I use only the best professional printers and vendors.

I will also put your photos up in an online proofing gallery, which is password protected and can be shared with family and friends if you so desire.